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forgot to mention the other day about that Trader Joe's horseradish. before using it on my steak tartare the other day, I decided to test it for hotness so I'd know how much to add. I guess I kind of expected it to be like sushi-restaurant "wasabi" or something, which I can just eat by itself. so I sipped the liquid and got some of the ground root as well. instant pain. the insult to my tongue was so harsh, I swallowed it and instead spread the joy to my throat and stomach. almost threw up on the spot. had to sit down on the grass next to the sidewalk and prepare for the worst. eventually the feeling passed, and I continued on. that is some powerful stuff. a little goes a long way. [comment]


some disjointed observations I've scribbled on my hand and want to get out into cyberspace before the ink wears off...

there has to be a market for fitbit-compatible exercise equipment. you get "credit" for a treadmill, generally, because the footfalls activate the accelerometer, but a stair-stepper doesn't work because there's no impact to speak of. this has to be in the works somewhere, but I haven't seen it in the wild yet.

I remember hearing or reading that sunburn is worse in higher latitudes because the atmosphere is thickest at the equator and thinnest at the poles, and thinner atmosphere absorbs less ultraviolet light. but I just noticed in Anaheim how red the back of my hands got after just one day in that sun, compared to all winter in La Paz with no redness.

I remember as a kid my Dad had handwarmers or footwarmers that looked like a cigarette lighter and ran off some kind of fuel. I've got to see if I can find some on eBay and try to use them as core warmers for sleeping outside without a sleeping bag.

bottle caps on unopened beer bottles saw right through Chico bags (and similar ripstop nylon bags like those from Ikea). I've got to either stop buying mechanically-capped beer, or find a solution for this problem. those damned bags are expensive.

got to start getting local jobs at nextdoor.com. it's a way to build community while making a little money. civil society as we know it is bound to implode soon, at least in parts of America. this roller coaster ride is coming to an end, and we in urban areas need networks for protection.

got a semi-positive ID on the plant I instagrammed the other day: a lactuca, wild lettuce, whose lactose supposedly contains opiates or chemicals with a similar effect. that could be useful, need to research more on it. I've seen the stuff everywhere in California.

I've been chewing over ideas for making something that can turn any plastic bag into a waterproof seal for things like electronics. but I remember seeing a YouTube video in which a guy just cuts the top off a plastic bottle, loops a bag through the bottle top, and seals it with the cap. that ought to work for my purposes, if I can find a way to attach a lanyard. need some experiments along those lines.

batteries (or more precisely, cells) go bad, often corroding the flashlight or whatever device they were left in to where they are irreparable. either you need to keep all batteries in waterproof storage until needed, and load and unload the device at the time of use, or some better solution needs to come along. so how about going backwards? to the days of dry cells that need an activating liquid added? just two pieces of metal with some (possibly salt-impregnated) cardboard between them. add water and you're good to go. obviously it's a little more complicated than that, otherwise you just end up with a short circuit. but this would have value especially for devices like emergency flashlights, which you need to work when employed. and water is always available: spit, urine, salt water, whatever. another use for this would be as a moisture alarm. it will be almost guaranteed to work, because the presence of moisture will activate the cell.

all for now. go ahead and play with anything that sounds interesting. if you make millions from one of my ideas, feel free to send some beer money my way! [comment]


back in Petaluma. arrived mid-afternoon, took a well-needed dump at the Walnut Park restroom, and found a sunny spot to crash for a bit. when I woke up, walked to check out the Grocery Outlet dumpster: still available, but nothing edible was visible. walked around to the front, and found a packet of 4 bagels for $1.19, good enough for dinner and breakfast, along with the cheese someone had refrigerated for me over the winter. but then as I left and headed for La Cresta, a lady offered me a choice of a pulled pork sandwich or macaroni and cheese, I guess leftovers from a meal at Dempsey's. I took the pulled pork with gratitude, and sat down and ate it right after I solved a little problem I'd noticed earlier in the afternoon: a caffeine-withdrawal headache. couldn't figure out a way to boil water, and didn't have enough cash from the day's budget to buy a cup. then it hit me: eat the beans, stupid! so I dug out a half tablespoon or so of roasted coffee beans from my tuckerbag, and munched them. problem solved! another way to take care of business without cooking.

so, while I had gotten from Tijuana to San Francisco spending only $3.25 on transportation ($2.50 Megabus plus $0.75 senior rate on NCTD 395), I blew $11.25 just getting from the city to Petaluma. clearly, I need to rethink my strategy. first priority is something to keep me warm at night so I can sleep, or at least stay warm without having to walk and carry my stuff the whole night through. that's what made Anaheim, and always makes San Francisco, so unbearable.

and I won't qualify for discount transit prices in the Bay area for 5 more years.

an interesting little observation I'd neglected to mention from last night: when I got back to Katella from BevMo!, freshly buzzed from that 22-or-so-ounce bottle of Hofbrau lager, I heard an A/C condenser running in the back of a shopping center. I went and hovered over it to get the heat, and there was a PayDay bar, still wrappered, that by the grime on it looked to have been there for months. no matter, those things don't go bad; I ripped it open and ate it. I thought about all the little gifts I'd found along the way, especially the comfortable chairs sitting out all night at various restaurants and coffeeshops, often with wifi available. even in the cities like Anaheim and SF that seem most hostile to the homeless, there are amenities to be found, and private charity is still freely given. even after realizing I'd only escaped getting robbed at least half a dozen times during my short visit to Anaheim by keeping alert, it could have been a lot worse. there were places where more aggressive crooks could have easily bumped me off the trail down the 45-degree slope to the hard concrete below. overall the world is still amazingly forgiving of bad decisions, and my continued existence is testimony to that. [comment]


last night I walked the 3.5 miles or so from ARTIC to the BevMo! on Tustin to get my birthday gift from them, a $10 coupon with a $10 minimum purchase. I wanted to cut it really close because I had to borrow money from the future to pay the overage and any tax; according to the rules of my budget, if I spend the next day's money, there's no way to pay it back; I have to fast or forage the next day.

so anyway, I picked 3 decent beers: Stella and Hofbrau lagers at $2.99 each, and Wells Banana Bread beer for $4.29. except that when I took it up front, the Wells was $4.49. you can never trust the shelf price at that store. anyway I didn't fight it, walked out with my beers having paid only $1.21, and opened the HB at the next park bench. as I walked, I drank. it did a lot for my mood. by the time I was just a few blocks from ARTIC, I saw the big Mexican guy who had given me the sandwich, and offered to split the Stella with him. this was some place of business, now closed, at which he'd found an electrical outlet next to a side door and had his cell phone plugged in, and using their wifi to stream movies. thug life.

he was telling me about the thieves that live along the river, from whom he buys his electronics stuff like the cell, he got for $20. they sneak up on people not paying attention, grab what they can and run. so all those times I turned around to find someone following me, both along the trail and in town, could well have been attempted robberies. I had been lucky.

once the Stella was drained, I decided to move on. it was getting cold again. walked out towards the Denny's to check the coffee price there: $2.99. nope. but, a young lady offered me her leftovers, so I munched out on the bus stop bench outside the place for a while. then decided to go back to the Ralph's and see if it was 24 hours. it wasn't, and I turned back, and some cops decided to make a Terry stop on me. didn't go so bad this time. I did answer their first two questions, but then I smartened up:

"How's it going?"

"it's cold."

"Where you headed?"

"just walking to stay warm."

Long pause. "Where do you usually hang out?"

"why all the questions? am I free to go?"

"Yes, we were just asking questions to make sure you were OK."

I turned around and started walking on the word "yes", and only nodded at the followup, which was just bullshit. the anger warmed me up for the next few blocks, but then I had to dig out my socks and put them back on. I hadn't prepared for these cold nights. I resolved to spend $5 of my "miscellaneous" fund (also $3 a day) and change my ticket to this morning's bus.

when I got to ARTIC, about 0330, there were only a few people hanging around, and nobody at bus stop 11, which was where the Mega was supposed to be. here they have no sign, not even like the tiny one in SF letting you know you're in the right place, and no employees there to pre-check tickets. eventually a couple showed up to take the bus, and we chatted for a bit. and they opened the station just after 4:30, so I was able to warm up and use the bathroom. this might just work out. so I waited at the end of the line, $5 in hand, and told the driver what I wanted to do. he hemmed and hawed for a moment, thinking out loud, then said aw, go ahead, get on the bus, and refused the $5!

so now we're at the Buttonwillow stop. I didn't go in. my electronics are charging, and I'm planning to take an expensive Golden Gate bus to Petaluma as soon as we land in San Francisco. this trip has had lots of learning experiences, and I'm anxious to get a good night's sleep and absorb them, and prepare for the next Kinetic race. [comment]


last night, walking past the petroleum distillery along the trail, my PND immediately got worse and stayed that way the whole time I was passing it. there was a slight chemical smell but the real irritant must not have had a perceptible scent. I was spitting constantly, like every second. then a while later, maybe still 5 miles south of ARTIC, the mucus flow actually stopped for a few minutes. it felt wonderful. didn't last long, though, another couple miles later I was back to the usual regular spitting.

found a source of greens: nettle, mustard, mallow, sow thistle, others I can't remember at the moment. but I only tasted them, not desperate enough yet to eat salad. made a steak tartare sandwich with $1.54 of ground sirloin from Ralph's on a 50 cent jalpeño and cheese roll. I mixed in about half a teaspoon of that powerful horseradish sauce I bought at Trader Joe's for $1.99 last night to kill any nasties. I won't know for a while if I got salmonella poisoning or not.

people are still giving me food. yesterday it was a white guy who offered me half his sandwich at the Pavilion food store in Laguna Beach, I guess after seeing me buy and eat a single orange; and today I offered to buy a sandwich from a big Mexican-looking guy in Anaheim and he just gave it to me.

healing from the ordeal. took my socks off today and letting my feet breathe. not carrying as much water, as I have plenty of local sources. and except for that horseradish, I'm no longer carrying food. my neck and shoulders are already less painful. [comment]


total 107.9 miles, 84 hours. of course I'm not counting the miles I traveled by bus (for 75 cents) between Oceanside and San Clemente, but I'm counting all time from when I left the Tijuana airport at about 3:30 PM Saturday until I arrived at the ARTIC station in Anaheim this morning just before 3:30 AM.

I can't find my time from last year yet. [comment]


made it the final miles to the ARTIC station at about 3:20 this morning, which brought me in under 84 hours. got to plot the maps and figure out the total mileage. the station wasn't open when I got in, and the wifi signal was weak, so I went scouting around and found a 4:30-opening Starbucks and a 5:00 opening McDonalds.

that jewel-like ice plant I first spotted in La Jolla a year or three ago has been identified on Facebook's Plant Identification forum as Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.

more after I get some sleep, hopefully. [comment]


oh, another thing last night: I stopped at the big hospital in the southern part of Laguna Beach to see if I could warm up there. nobody bothered me for about 10 minutes, but obviously somebody was observing the security cameras because after a while a guard came and asked what I was doing. I told him and asked if I could warm up for a few more minutes. we agreed on 10 more, and I left after 20 minutes total. not a big help but something. this was the first time I'd tried that since that night the Deming cops threatened me with arrest.

the world could be a lot different. instead of paying good money to heat buildings, more people could be invited in instead; you're getting their body heat in exchange for keeping them alive.

and that thing I keep harping on: if humanure composting were more widespread, and thus human "wastes" become instead resources, there would be a lot more public "toilet" facilities, well-maintained in order to score more fertilizer. [comment]


walking through Dana Point last night, I heard what sounded like a single gunshot. I ran for about 50 yards, zig-zagging as I went. it might have been a backfire though, I guess. what I had previously thought to be rifle fire in La Paz a few weeks back was almost certainly fireworks. I don't have any recent experience with gunfire to be able to distinguish the sounds with accuracy. [comment]


slept almost 5 hours yesterday, from about 12:30 to almost 5:30 PM, on the beach at San Clemente. last night's slog from there to Laguna Beach was the slowest and most tortured so far this trip. my lower back muscles are now doing better though; it's just the neck, shoulders, feet and ankles, primarily, now.

realized at some point that I'm almost never hungry. my stomach is almost always tense and rejecting the thought of eating. I was able to trick it yesterday by buying some sharp cheese and using it to make the biscuits more interesting, not to mention fatty. I've still got almost two biscuits, mostly in the form of crumbs, for today and maybe even tomorrow.

I miss kissing. and sex. and just spending time with my lady. and this is less than 72 hours away. how am I going to take war, if it comes to that in my lifetime? I need to be a lot stronger, that's for sure. [comment]


so finally a cop turns around behind me and pulls up next to me. I'm all tense from the maneuver and she asks if I'm out for a walk. I didn't want to say "yes" becayse it'd be a lie; nobody takes about 30 pounds of food, water, and communications gear for "a walk". I say, "I'm... walking... up the coast." as soon as the words were out of my mouth I started kicking myself, but she just said something like "Thanks, just checking if you're OK."

why was it so wrong to answer a simple question like that? because it doesn't help solve the problem. cops should always be schooled on the constitution, every time they disturb someone's privacy in the smallest way.

so why did I give such an inappropriate answer? any number of reasons; I was sleepy. she had a nice smile. it was an unanticipated question. but none of those were it. the truth was, I was in a moment of weakness because I was having a full-on pity party.

I was cold and in lots of pain. my lower back pain has improved greatly, but my shoulders, neck, and feet are bothering me a lot. and the cold this time of year is a lot worse than it was in late October as I was working my way down the coast instead of "up". I was tinkering with the thought of blowing my 6 months of frugality out the window, putting a hotel room rental on a paid-down credit card, having a good wank, a hot shower, and a long night's sleep.

these death marches up the coast with survival gear are what I need for preparedness training, and I can't let myself get complacent. I need to be mentally strong, ready to explain to these cops that their oath trumps their curiosity or even their compassion for a fellow human (if such indeed exists). the amount of other peoples' freedom and privacy they may infringe upon is precisely 0.00000. and you know damned well if they're asking a white guy this, they're doing a lot worse to our black and Mexican brothers.

at least twice before on this trip I got some attention from cops. the first time a police car approached was when I was near the end of Harbor Drive in San Diego, about to go under the near bridge and over the far one; they stopped, looked at me, but didn't get out. then they sped away.

another time was earlier yesterday, when I was in that development at the San Clemente shore. when I finally got back out, there was a cop parked across the street, no doubt (in my mind, anyway) called by that bitch-and-a-half who gloated that I had to way to get out except by going back the way I came. anyway, I nodded in his direction, acknowledging his presence, and he drove off. he probably doesn't enjoy serving the ruling class any more than I like being ruled. [comment]


some more notes, since I dug out my old iTouch and it works on the McDonalds AP here in Dana Point.

at Capistrano beach, I passed a black couple on the sidewalk, the guy says "hey, man" and hands me a 5-spot. I must be a sight. I just said "wow, thank you!" and meant it.

I remembered McD's senior coffee. it's 85 cents here, and he didn't mind pouring it into my own cup. I hate disposables, and most Mickey Ds force it on me. #winning [comment]


got confused in two places so far today. first was when I got to the coast in San Clemente, I didn't know which way to go so opted for what looked like a beach access. I walked almost the length of it, and some snotty woman told me there was no exit, and I had to walk back the way I came. I said it would be nice if there had been a sign to that effect, and she said well, it's private property. I said there was no sign indicating that either. bitch.

I thought she was probably lying, but when I got to the highway, and found a beach access about a mile down the road, I saw it was true. the end of their development road was fenced off and bordered public beach.

all these California cities, with sneaky ways of getting around California law requiring coast access to all, piss me off. if I ever get a law degree I'd like to go after these bastards... after I get decades of gun control laws repealed.

going through the next exit, at Doheny Park Rd, I got confused again. the GPS told me to keep going straight, but signs for 1 North said to turn right, and make another right... onto the freeway. nope. with my last bit of battery power, I got to the McDonalds in Dana point. now my laptop battery is dying, more later. [comment]


got to the bus terminal in Oceanside at about 0822 this morning, which made the first leg of the walk a little less than 41 hours (about 40:52). can't remember offhand how that compares to last year. I was too late for the 7:03 bus and way too early for the 10:05 to San Clemente, so I got about an hour sleep on the beach, despite it being overcast, windy, and cold. however, somehow I lost my hat despite its lanyard. shit like that happens when I'm sleep deprived. hope that's all I left behind.

the bus driver gave me the senior fare, 75 cents, on showing him my driver license. it's going to get hard to justify these long walks on grounds of cost. but of course that's not the main motivator anyway.

I started the next leg of the trip when the bus arrived in San Clemente, I forgot the time but it was roughly 11:20 local time. but I'm stopped at Jack in the Box for some greasy calories, the two-taco special that used to be 99 cents, now $1.19. the kid threw in a free hash browns, I'm pretty sure on purpose. I must look skeletal!

shortly I'll be resuming my journey north to Anaheim. a little less than 40 miles from here. [comment]


so I succeeded in walking the beach from La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines Beach. couple of hairy places entering Scripps, and one more at the north end of Black's Beach over to Torrey Pines beach, but with careful timing of the waves and a bit of luck, it's do-able.

lots of things I meant to document but I'm sleep-deprived and I can't really think of much at the moment. hopefully I'll fill in some blanks later. [comment]


so it turns out the passport card isn't a free pass to the front of the line any more. I got turned back and told to go to the back of the line. of course I didn't -- many of the people in the "ready" lane only had passport books -- but I did get delayed about 20 minutes.

by the time I reached San Diego, in fact probably well before, my lower back was in quite a bit of pain, and once I sat down it was hard to get back up. but I'm used to this on these semiannual "Kit Carson" adventures. my right heel was abrading and the skin was about to break, so I put my socks on. slept this morning in Mission Beach at the end of San Luis Obispo Way. woke up before the tide got my feet wet. recharging my batteries, both figuratively and literally, at the library in La Jolla on Draper St. before heading to the beach from which I hope to make it all the way past Torrey Pines. but I've got to beat the tide, and it's a fairly high "low" at about 4:30. might not be enough to make it past the rocky outcropping at the north end of Black's Beach. and if not, I've got some intense climbing to do, and then brave the cops of Del Mar. [comment]


got my boarding pass printed up. hoping for a smooth entry at San Ysidro on Saturday afternoon, assuming I'm not high enough on the enemy's radar to warrant detaining me for political stuff I've posted on social media. but one never knows until it's too late. ej was blindsided for sure.

my plan is, as usual, to walk straight from the airport, along the Via de la Juventud Oriente, directly to the border crossing, this time hopefully remembering to bypass the long line and go straight to the front with my passport card. if I make it through, I hit the road going north, taking the beach as much as possible between La Jolla and Oceanside to avoid the assholes in uniform, getting on the bus to San Clemente then heading to the bus terminal in Alameda for my Megabus ride to San Francisco. [comment]


anybody notice that, last week, transfers from PayPal to a bank account started going through overnight? it worked with 2 different PayPal accounts and two different banks. dunno if it was a glitch or a new, more honest, way of doing business, since ACH transfers are generally instantanous anyway, and PayPal's old way of hanging onto funds for 24 hours before even initiating the transfer was just wrong. [comment]


#TMI butt... my glutes are sagging, and I hate it. so I'm doing the hip-lift exercise at the top of this page, and I found another benefit of it: in the mornings, I often get charley horses in either or sometimes even both legs, which is particularly annoying during sex; so if I do this exercise for a few reps on waking up, while still in bed, relaxing every time the muscles start to knot, I work out the cramps right away. [comment]


overnight trip to Santa Rita hot springs. you can find it on OSM tiles west of Santiago, BCS. I hiked, or rather, scrambled on the trails towards the sources but never made it to either. the Cardónes are fruiting, and the cattails look to have just passed the edible stage a few weeks ago. [comment]


Josh drove out of the window high above the streets of Manhattan, straight down the side of the building, and though I had braced myself for the impact at the bottom, there was hardly a bump as we smashed into another car at the bottom and continued down the street. I looked down and said "5 fingers on each hand, I think we made it!", but then Josh said "no!!!"

sure enough, I looked again, and one hand had 4 fingers, the other had maybe six, with at least one branched. so we knew we were dead. as soon as we got to Penn Station, we went in flashing our fingers at people and saying "we're dead!" figuring we'd scare whoever could see us at all. but though people saw us, nobody seemed scared or even amused. one of them finally said quietly, "we're all dead here". then I realized. everything's the same afterwards. dead drinkers still hang out in bars. dead bookworms still hang out in libraries and bookstores. and dead Manhattanites still hang out in the subways and stations. [comment]


last night I felt I was coming down with something, but I drank some kraut juice, and now I'm not so sure. I might escape unscathed, despite pulling an all-nighter on a relatively tiny job using DigitalOcean's API.

hint: don't waste time trying to take a snapshot after a shutdown. use power_off instead. [comment]


just ate one of the Pereskia fruits on my way back from Ley. tastes good, somewhere between a plum and a cherry tomato.

found another mango tree, this one accessible from the sidewalk, on Altamirano just north of Constitución. now I've got to find out how small one can pick green mangos for chutney.

just over 2 weeks left in La Paz. then it's back to the Estados Bandidos, if I get past the border without being indefinitely detained for my political posts on social media. [comment]


I posted that fruit I found yesterday on the Plant Identification forum, and got a match: Pereskia aculeata. and it's edible! [comment]


was saving my money for a while to take my lady out for her birthday... we went to Sorstis, my first time there. I had the lasagna, a surf-and-turf specialty that was the tastiest dish I'd had in quite a while.

a week or so ago I was gifted a jar of flaxseed, and was adding it to my biscuits and scones for as long as it lasted. it has a laxative effect very similar to metamucil, and added a pleasant nuttiness to the breads. but I'm glad it's gone.

mango trees in La Paz are starting to fruit. the one in Sorstis's courtyard had hundreds of little mangoes, as does the one next to Jeon-San chinese restaurant on Revolución a little south of the cathedral.

was in the mood for a beer after our walk tonight, but the cervezeria was closed. went to Oxxo and got a 16-ounce can of Tecate for MXN15.50 instead. about the lower limit of what I'm able to tolerate. but it's doing the job. [comment]

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