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The Greyhound bus stop in Eureka isnt even marked as such. It's the RTS stop near 4th and Q, in front of Courtesy Used Cars and across from Big Louie's Pizzeria. There's a usable wifi signal from a nearby Econolodge.

More on my new skate idea: low wheels, and an angled brush in front to clear road debris.

took me about 40 minutes to walk from the LA Greyhound terminal to 7th and Fig, almost 2 miles. So I'm back to about 3 MPH.

Greyhound schedule 1418, LA to El Paso, reboards in Phoenix with number 003 at gate 4. Just a note to myself for next time. I believe it's usually gate 1 going the other way.

Passing through Tucson, there was an awesome fireworks display visible towards the East. Landed in El Paso about 4:20 this morning. Done traveling for a few weeks, time to make some headway on my projects. [comment]


Slept about 10 hours straight in Trinidad, my first good night's sleep since Chico. Couchsurfing.com rocks.

My host dropped me at Has Beans coffeehouse in Eureka, where there's free wifi and power. I've got about 2 hours to find the Greyhound station, then it's about 40 hours on the road to El Paso. [comment]


Just got done talking with a guy named Josh at the bus station. He's the first person with whom I've spoken about my HPV idea who has lots of concrete suggestions to offer. For one, I should use a Mazda RX7 clutch for the simple mounting. For another, I should read up on limited shift differentials.

Yesterday I got a couple hours sleep on the plaza before the goddamned cops woke me. Wandered around all night to stay warm, then crashed in my hidden spot in the marsh at morning twilight.

Check out the over 60 program at HSU, classes are something like $6, and registering for even one gets you free transit all over the county, use of the university library, and other benefits.

Going to try skates with wheels only in front or only in back and see if they're more stable. I know that sounds strange but I don't know how to put the picture in my mind into words.

Another idea: my wire saw can cut PVC pipe for a solar distiller. [comment]


This was blogged piecemeal as I walked the race, so it will be somwhat disjointed despite my efforts to edit it into something cohesive...

An official of the race, before it started, told me that the organizers gave up on keeping the maps accurate this year, and that there are alterations to the route every race. I asked how then can one know the route as the rules require; he said you just have to find an official you trust and ask. Then one of the organizers said I wont be able to get into Crab Park without an armband, and of course I don't have one, not being a participant. I'll just have to keep getting power naps whenever possible. I've been doing that since leaving Chico.

There's a friendly little crippled skunk who lives near the Eureka gazebo. He limped to within a few feet of me Saturday night about 0430 as I was using the wifi outside the coffeehouse. He got a little frightened when I looked up, and started to raise his tail, but I talked soothingly to him and he continued walking around.

I was up all that night, looking for a place to sleep, with little luck. At daybreak the warmth enabled me to sleep sitting on a park bench, and I awoke just in time to grab a cup of coffee and head over to the boat launch. As soon as the Glory Hogs hit the water I headed towards the other end, grabbing another power nap along the way.

A couple of bicyclists came by with Ortlieb panniers. They're waterproof and easily detachible, might make a usable replacement for a knapsack.

The ace leader at the bay exit was Gossamer Slug at 150 pounds, with inflatable pontoons and detachible paddles. Nice clean engineering. I headed down the trail right behind him, though of course he left me behind pretty quickly.

A barricade shows a left turn not long after the water exit. Gotta watch for them; if I lose next year it'll likely be for spacing one of the markers.

Thinking as I walk along... maybe use a splined shaft for widening wheelbase and to separate left and right drives for steering. For freewheeling maybe use a dropdown 3rd front wheel.

in the marsh they don't even use barricades, just strips of orange plastic.

More ideas: maybe make the rear wheel just a small roller. And both the roller and front freewheel can fit a train track. And maybe a flywheel gyro for stability; hollow, it can hold water to give it the required weight and as hydration reserves. Dump the water for portaging.

The sculpture For Snail passed me at 12:41. Shortly after that I ducked into Mickey D's on highway 101 for two $1-special double cheeseburgers. As I left, the Glory Hogs were going through the drive-thru.

I should be able to braze the body out of aluminum flashing -- 4 waterproof pieces -- or use large-diameter PVC pipe. Wheels with nu-tech tires come apart to use also as skates. Hmm...

Lindsey from Bikin' Fools took me into his team, and towed me on my skates over the bridge into crab park. So I'm drinking microbrew and homebrew beer, eating sausage and fresh asparagus, and generally having a helluva time. Glad I didn't give up; I was offered rides into town a couple of times and was sorely tempted, thinking I wouldn't be allowed in. But, it appears, all things come to those who play.

Other ideas: dinosaur exoskeleton kinetic sculpture; HPV idea complete for each foot; prototype with 2 bikes side by side, waterfilled gyro counterweight; skate on one foot, the other shoe the same height as the skate to act as a brake... hmm, a "brake shoe".

After the bridge there's a doublewide shoulder for a ways but it's at a 5 degree angle or thereabouts; it would be nice to have an HPV that could handle that.

I crossed the finish line about 1:30, but didn't know it until later because it wasn't marked. Didn't matter anyway, the real racers were being held at the bridge for a photo opportunity. I had some pizza, and when the Bikin' Fools came in I let them tow me over the finish line on my skates.

Now I could hitch a ride, and did, to Fortuna. Found free wifi and power at Shotz.

The back of the iPod Touch makes an adequate shaving mirror. Camp mirrors sold at places like Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, and Long's Drugs are made of glass and unsuitable for backpacking. 2 single-edged razors will fit in a standard-sized dental floss container.

To get rid of an annoying error in the iPod Python package, cd to /usr/lib/python2.5 as root, then mkdir site; then touch site/__init__.py. I wrote a minimalist strings program since the bsdutils didn't include it.

How about a seesaw HPV as a Kinetic Sculpture? f In Fortuna the cops stared at me at least twice, and the security droog at Safeway was bitching about my wearing a "backpack" inside the store, saying how those "homeless people" fill their packs with store merchandise. Fortuna may be only a few miles from Arcata but culturally it seems decades behind. In Arcata, long-haired guys and knapsacks/backpacks are ubiquitous, and even though the car culture is still entrenched, there are enough bicyclists that nobody questions your bringing your things inside a store.

Humboldt is cold. Definitely need a gore-tex layer and something to warm arms and hands. Possibly a down jacket. A drysuit would be nice too. It also serves as a bivy bag. [comment]


I'm at Old Town Coffee and Chocolate having chocolate covered cherries and Irish Creme coffee, and using their free wifi and power.. I crossed the finish line a little before 5, and rinsed my sweaty shirt and underarms in the fountain. Nobody complained.

The trickiest part seems to have been the entrance to the dunes with its deep, loose, dry sand. Many of the "big guys" bogged down there, including Duane Flatmo with his shiny dragon. The way to navigate that seems to be with big balloon tires, and front-wheel drive. Being able to shift weight back-to-front seems useful too, especially later when exiting the dunes, as there's a barrier set up there to control wind erosion. Then again, that's one of the few places where it's allowed to pull it without losing "ace" status.

Then, of course there is Dead Man's Drop, and the other perilous drop just before it. You want a really low center of gravity, I believe. Maybe even propel it while lying belly-down.

That last stretch entering Eureka is tricky: several turns marked only by those inconspicuous barricades. This year, of course, it doesn't matter that I got a little lost. Next year, if I'm a participant, it'll be a different story.

I probably made an ass of myself, jogging and skating alongside the sculptures. But the racers are getting familiar with me, and I'm sharing my HPV idea. They'll likely remember me next year when I come back with my kickass longboard and sail. [comment]


Near the top of the hill on G Street is the Emerald City laundromat. Two doors up is Carmelas restaurant, with huge burritos for $5-something and up. Free wifi, but the beer is pricey even during happy hour: $2.75 for Pacifico.

I've been working on an idea... Suppose people can actually go back in time like Tom Brown, Jr. relates in The Vision, and as McMoneagle believes. Now suppose that some sensitives, like the old Indian in the Vision story, can see and hear the time travelers.

Now imagine an alternative history in which most peoples are still hunter-gatherers or horticulturalists. Agriculture has been tried by some tribes but always eventually abandoned in favor of an easier lifestyle. Zoom forwards a hundred years: a comet hits the earth and instantly wipes out almost all of humanity, not to mention most other species as well. And the atmosphere has become so toxic that the few people who somehow survived don't have much hope to continue living. If there are any shamans among them, wouldn't they go back in time, find some of the earliest agricultural and pastoral tribes, and try to influence them to expand their control over the whole earth? That way, technology could be developed in time to save the spark of life from extinction. Ain't no way a hunter-gatherer is going to need or want to develop rocketry. You'd have a hard time selling him a wheel. Already several times on this trip I wanted to ship my skates back and lighten my load.

So there's another theory to add to Daniel Quinn's "civilization was a tragic mistake" and Fn's "civilization is mankind's 'teenage rebellion'": civilization is a necessary evil, intended to get this incredible antientropic force called "life" onto other planets before disaster strikes.

I'm not sure I believe it myself, but it might be worth considering. It still taught us a whole shitload of bad habits we'll eventually have to unlearn.

The 'vi' editor isn't segfaulting any more on my iPod. No clue why not, but now I can blog as god intended, composing posts while offline and uploading whenever possible.

I wonder if anyone's taken advantage of the police's use of special frequencies to implement a sophisticated copwatch system using directional antennas... hmm... [comment]


Left Lulu's in Redding about 12:30 that night, got to Swasey Drive by 2:40. I'm only walking about 2.6 MPH with my pack. Not good.

Before leaving Red Bluff, the wind was in my favor going to the Greyhound station, so strapped on the old skates and tied my poncho to the pull handle on my hydration pack. Fell down almost immediately, but forced myself to try again, and soon I was sailing down the highway. Woooooo! Now, to improve on this, I need a combo bivy bag/rainsuit/cape/ribbed sail, preferably made of Gore-tex.

Another idea I've been playing with is a 12V line with a ground grid, for skaters. Some kind of pulley rides the overhead cable, driving a motor in the skate wheels, and a metal brush provides the connection to ground.

I need lights for night driving. I knew this, that's why I installed lights on a previous hat, but I lost that one, dammit.

Books read lately: Thoreau, The Maine Woods; R Is for Ricochet, a mystery by Sue Grafton that I'd started at the coffeeshop in SF and finished at the library in Chico; most of Singh's The Code book and Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried.

It turns out that Greyhound only goes to the Eureka area through San Francisco; they won't risk the mountain roads 36 and 299. That's why I ended up taking the bus to Redding instead, hoping to hitch from there.

I'd had 2 pints at Riverside bar and 2 at Lulu's. Spaced far enough apart that I needn't worry about a hangover, but was already feeling the acidity which warned of GI tract discomfort the next morning.

For next year's Kinetic Sculpture Race, I'm thinking about a 6 or 8 foot longboard with at least 12 inch knobby tires. Sails over land and water. The wind seems to be predominantly from the North here, which is ideal.

I didn't find a working water filter bag before leaving. I'd like to find a good in-line filter I can use modularly with my Platypus 6L tanks, but in a pinch I bet they'd work OK for SODIS.

The highways in northern Kali are marked irregularly with the county abbreviation, miles, and hundredths. using those, I calculated about 21 of my paces to a hundredth of a mile (17.6 yards), making one of my paces about 30 inches. A way to measure progress in places where signs are fewer and farther between.

On the road from Redding to Arcata, after a moonlight nap near Shasta, I got stopped by rangers; no hitchhiking in national parks. OK to walk without sticking out my thumb, though; also OK to hitch anywhere else on this highway.

Despite what they told me, I never saw the sign indicating I was out of their jurisdiction. It wasn't until I got to the County park at French Gulch till I realized I could safely hitch again. I made a bigger sign with a piece of white cloth I'd found on the roadside: ARCATA. Car after motherfucking car passed me by. I didn't want to walk any more for several reasons. One, there is a wide shoulder right there, and it can get pretty goddamned narrow other parts of that highway. Also, the day was starting to get hotter, which meant I'd be losing more water to sweat. Walking at night and in the cool morning air, I used relatively little water. Last, there was a river right there for washing and possibly drinking. I didn't know the details on SODIS at the time, though. I figured 5 hours in direct sunlight would be enough, but the Wikipedia article recommends at least 6.

Eventually I gave up and went down to the river to wash, then slept a bit. Entering by the parking lot would have obligated me to a Day Use charge, which I didn't think was fair and in any case didn't have enough cash with me; so I pulled the 50-foot rope out of the bottom of my pack, and rappelled down the highway embankment instead. Ultralight doesn't have to mean underprepared.

After the nap, brief as it was, I felt better. Not long afterwards, a guy named Mike pulled over, took me hell-bent over the hills, and dropped me in the Arcata plaza at about 5:05PM local time. Whew. Found free wifi and power at Humboldt Brews on 10th Street, and also at the Co-op. Met a kindred spirit, Paul, AKA Everest. He's an admitted Luddite, but I'm hoping to convince him of the need for the tribes to stay in communication this time, to avoid the emergence of another destructive anomaly like this 10,000-year-old thing we euphemistically call "civilization".

Found a TAZ in the marsh, acessible going South on G or I streets. It's unlit, but you can walk the paths easily by moonlight. I could pee to my heart's content, and found a hidden place to sleep for a few hours. No cops in sight, and apparently no other humans until dawn. Other than that, the town is somewhat homeless-hostile. There are exceptions; the 24-hour donut shop downtown will let you nurse a coffee all night, but they don't provide a restroom.

One final thought before I go looking for a place to nap. A walker-friendly world would have a place to buy water every 10 miles at minimum. Better yet, a shebeen. [comment]


got to swasey dr by 0240 local 12v wire with ground grid for skaters combo bivy bag rainsuit cape sail goretex first test of skates with tarp sail was inspiring need lights for night driving books read lately thoreau the maine woods r is for ricochet part of singhs the code book and tim obrins things they carried bus to redding 11.50 to arcata from redding goes thru san fran 2 pints at riverside and 2at lulus real longboard with at least 12 inch wheels need water filter about 21 of my paces to a hundredth of a mile so my stride is only about 30 inches got stopped by rangers, no hitchhiking in national parks . ok to walk without sticking out my thumb. ok to hitch anywhere else on this hwy a walker-friendly world would have a place to buy water every 10 miles at minimum. check if sunlight will sufficiently UV irradiate water in a clear container like Platypus ! French Gulch mike weeks 442 buckhorn rd happy camp 5304932075 505 localtime in Arcata plaza thanks to Mike. [comment]


Sitting in Perk Avenue in Red Bluff, free wifi and power. Camped out along route 36 last night, gave up on hitching to Fortuna and caught a ride back into town this morning. That road is just not viable for walking. The first town is about 40 miles away, and my gallon of water was all but gone after 12 miles. Went to Greyhound, and one way to Arcata is $90! It apparently goes back through Chico. If I can't hitch to Redding today, I can go the big dog there for about $11 tonight.

Had good luck hitching until I got to this town. One guy, a contractor, hauled me partway after a passing truck blew my skates out from under me. Then a guy named Brandon took me to Red Bluff. Before I got the second ride, I had to take a dump really bad. It was one of those light-colored, peanut-buttery shits I always get when I eat too many nuts and veggies; tried to wipe with dried leaves but they broke and I got shit on my hands. Yuck. Stumbled through the blackberry bushes, pants half down, to a nearby creek and washed off. Not a happy experience. But I survived it. [comment]


Breakfasting at CJ's north of Chico on highway 99, free wifi and good coffee. Spent the weekend in an off-grid paradise about two hours SE of Chico, where I caught two small trout. Ready to start hitching to Arcata. [comment]


Jogged almost 3 miles this morning, then skated about 4. The playainfo.org code is getting close to complete, no thanks to me. Just can't get into programming mode, no matter how much coffee I drink.

Getting better on the skates, but I've chafed some skin off my inner right shin somehow. I may have to take a break from the skates and let that heal so it doesn't keep getting worse.

I'm thinking about hitchhiking to Eureka. I'm not in a hurry, anyway. If I end up having to take Greyhound, full fare is only about $10 more than the 7-day discount fare. [comment]


Walked to Wal-Mart yesterday for their cheap drybags, 3 for about $10. Whether they work or not remains to be seen. Also picked up a stainless steel flask for $6 to hold my diluted Dr. Bronner's. Along the way I stopped at the Sierra Nevada brewery for their sample tray; can't keep coming to Chico without stopping there. I likewise plan to visit the Lost Coast brewery in Humboldt.

Eating at Madison Bear Garden across from the city bus depot. Pints are $3, burgers with fries on sale for $5, and free wifi. [comment]


Free wifi and power at the CalJava cafe in Chico, on the Esplanade. A Burning Man buddy and his lady met me at the Greyhound station last night and are letting me stay in their RV. There's a nice bike path on which I skated to town. [comment]


This will most likely be my last day in SF this trip. Buses to Chico leave at 1AM and 3PM, and there are others to Excremento if I want to spend some time there... not likely, given my current financial situation.

Yesterday, after my roller-skating session, I mostly sat in 901 Columbus and read a "thriller" by Lee Child called The Hard Way. Finished it this morning. Two days ago or so I read Kalin, a sci-fi pulp by E. C. Tubb. Both entertaining, neither particularly edifying.

Forgot to mention that that place Red's plays good rock-n-roll. While eating my cheeseburger I heard Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Boston, and the Moody Blues. The Story in Your Eyes , what a beautiful song... [comment]


I ordered the Keema Nan and Kabuli Nan, in addition to my $2 pint of stout. The former minced lamb, the latter nuts and spices, both in pita bread and each about $3. The bartender told me there is a $15 minimum on credit cards (yes, I'm dipping into it already), but he let it slide. [comment]


Pints of Guinness at Kennedy's are $5 except between 5 and 7 PM when the special price of $2 holds. They're $3.50 at 901 Columbus. But I plan on sticking with coffee until 5. Running out of cash, and it's only Wednesday. [comment]


Skated from the Wharf down the Embarcadero all the way to the ballpark this morning, making frequent stops. One was at Red's Java House, where you can get a decent cheeseburger for under $4. They apparently sell Anchor Steam too but I didn't order any.

Lots of public wifi hotspots don't work with the iPod. One that does is Sausalito Espresso, not far from the Greyhound station. [comment]


Showered yesterday, washed clothes today. Already stink again after jogging all over town, but what the hell. I didn't get any dirty looks at the bars and restaurants today.

Practiced some with the skates yesterday, and hope to again tomorrow. Wearing them over two pair of socks makes the pain bearable. [comment]


Thank goodness it didn't get cold last night. It seems to be colder during the day here. I slept maybe an hour in the doorway of a closed shop before building security sent me on my way. Then maybe another hour before dawn, but after sunup some Homeless Outreach chick woke me up.

Drank so much coffee over the past 24 hours I just can't take any more. Drinking bottled beer at 901 Columbus. Last night before its 2AM closing, I had the Korean-style calamari at CoCo Bang. Too sweet and not spicy enough. [comment]


Found a nice, non-corporate cafe in San Francisco: 901 Columbus Caffe. Good coffee, free wifi and power. Man-sized wraps for $8-something. Even restrooms! Currently a $1.50 special on some drafts, too. [comment]


Underwhelmed by the Maker Faire. Mostly toys for the idle rich, with a curt nod to appropriate technology. That's my impression,anyway. Maybe I can bring something better to the table myself, next year.

Took the Caltrain but would have saved $2.50 -- $4.00 compared to $1.50 -- taking the Samtrans 292. In fact, I would have saved all four dollars because I ended up taking the bus to the Expo Center.

Now I'm eating fish and chips at the Swinging Door and washing it down with a pint of Bass. [comment]


After the experience at Hank's, I went to a high-priced place called Pete's on 4th St. I blew maybe $40, on three beers including my first Hemp Ale, and an order of fancy fried oysters. From there I found a taco joint on 7th Street south of Main called El Pollo Asado where I had 4 tacos for $4. Much better. I gave the guy $1 tip, which he probably didn't expect. Now I'm gonna go see if Charlie O's is open and if they'll let me in. [comment]


Fucking snobs at Hank's bar threw me out. Couldn't stand a little sweatstink.

And few coffeeshops have restrooms. Ended up having to go back to 7th and Figueroa for that purpose. [comment]


Free wifi and power at Arda's Cafe on 418 West 6th St. Recharging my iPod after my usual visits to Starbucks on 7th & Fig, and Sam Woo's on Broadway in Chinatown. They were pretty stingy with the beef today, but I still got more food than I could eat for $6.36 including $1 tip. And now that I found Arda's, I can skip SBUX next trip.

I was supposed to arrive in SF at 6-something this afternoon, but couldn't see the point. There are 4 buses tonight that arrive there in the morning. Gives me a chance to sleep on the bus instead of on the street... much preferable. [comment]

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