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got my ketone test strips, $11-something for 50 at CVS. next time I pee I'll know where I am on the ketogenic scale.

hard to find ready-to-eat foods for Neanderthin. settled for some cold carnitas and a grapefruit at Trader Joe's. [comment]


getting the exact same error on my other Argentum box:

REORGANIZE: Disconnect 525 blocks; acad37b177bc5a338290..93a6cfefd57856c2b157
REORGANIZE: Connect 526 blocks; acad37b177bc5a338290..066b0f123b0c42a2b5b8

something is broken in the Argentum blockchain, and if it doesn't get fixed it will no longer be a viable cryptocurrency. [comment]


I feel sorry for anyone who never tasted a California almond back when they were truly raw. the flavor has been gone for years, and I miss it. [comment]


the Argentum blockchain keeps breaking at the same place, and I've already re-downloaded twice: REORGANIZE: Disconnect 0 blocks; acad37b177bc5a338290..acad37b177bc5a338290. this always follows a memory exception from db4:

EXCEPTION: 11DbException       
Db::put: Cannot allocate memory       
Argentum in ProcessMessages()

I've seen plenty of "fixes", mostly mistakenly claiming one needs more free memory, and others saying files got corrupted. no luck so far. that it fails at the same place each time is disturbing. [comment]


started a strict paleodiet for 3 weeks to see if I can cure myself of this chronic post-nasal drip/rhinitis I've had since 2006 or so. it's gotten particularly bad since this last outbreak and I'm goddamned tired of it. not sure if I have the discipline to maintain the diet that long, though. I'll have lots of temptations to break it. [comment]


also Kinetic rules committee, please correct the judges' checklist. it should not have "rope" on it because it's not in the racers' checklist in the rules. it also should not have "Teddy bear" on it because most judges haven't actually read the rules themselves and don't know that it can be any "soothing item of psychological reassurance". maybe put "comfort item" there instead. thanks for listening! [comment]


got back from Humboldt this afternoon. rinsed my wetsuit and hung it to dry, along with all the other wet stuff I brought back.

I really wish the race rules allowed racers to choose an overland or slough crossing, rather than punish the overlanders by making them truck to the other side. Fernbridge allows bicycles to take the whole lane, and we've all signed liability waivers so what's the issue? give us a 3- or 6-hour penalty for taking the land route, but give us the choice, for crying out loud. that slough crossing is brutal, and next to impossible if you don't have enough propulsion because the current never helps, it's either carrying you up towards Fernbridge or out to sea.

now the sheriff's deputy made me promise to never do the crossing again without a full wetsuit. I probably can't carry a full wetsuit on my minimalist rigs, it was hard enough carrying that shortie. [comment]


last night K was telling F and me about the unofficial reason for the Kinetic Sculpture race. it was for Hobart Brown an "up yours" to the Catholic priests of the area who were "doing what Catholic priests are known to do". Hobart would pilot a 12-person bicycle "bus" with a bottle of champagne, and scantily-clad ladies in fishnet up front with him.

K said the priests all eventually died of AIDS contracted in the bathhouses of San Francisco. [comment]


had to get rescued again by the same deputy as two years ago, and he made me promise to get a full wetsuit if I'm ever going to try again. at least I made it farther across than that year, and now I've seen the slough exit. besides, the hypothermia is only part of my problem. the real issue is that I have no current assist, and I'm just not generating enough propulsion to fight it, especially in the second channel.

finished maybe about 1:15, they miscalled my number as 111, or was that my time? anyway, they said I snuck across the finish line, which was a lie. they just weren't paying attention. [comment]


pulled into Halvorsen Park about 15 minutes ago, call it 14:30. best time ever, so far. [comment]


3 Foods Cafe with L and P. a goat walks into a bar. imperial golden ale. pork tenderloin for my lady and chicken satay for me.

entering Copout in Blue, as expected. hope I don't disappoint my fans too much. [comment]


if you look closely at the Google map of the border region of Tijuana you'll see some houses actually on the US side, assuming Google has the line drawn correctly. this could make for some interesting legal situations. a cursory Google search didn't come up with any info on these anomalies. lazyweb, any clues? [comment]


first day I can say with any measure of certainty that I'm over whatever nasty virus bit me over a week ago. no more scratchiness in the throat, just the usual post-nasal drip. finally! rode my bike to Santa Rosa and did some last-minute race shopping and took the bus back in time to work a little more on some of my potential entries. but it's looking more and more like I'll be entering my bicycle, still using the name lotecnotec, but I plan to subtitle it "copout in blue", since I eschew bicycle technology (and it's an old blue Huffy). [comment]


home button on my iTouch starting to fail. guess it's time to move on: Android tabletlandia, here I come! [comment]


I don't know what kind of weird virus is attacking my throat. it hasn't gotten any worse than a scratchy feeling, and increased postnasal drip, except for an occasional cough, but in over a week it hasn't gotten better either.

been experimenting with putting yeast into 00 gelcaps, about 1/4 tsp per, as a less yucky way of using Jim Koch's alcohol reduction strategy. just can't stand the taste of yeast. anyway, it seems to work. I could still focus my mind on work after 3 glasses of wine and 12 capsules last night, and minimal if any gastrointestinal problems this morning. [comment]


just did my La Cresta jog again, for the first time since last October. didn't time myself, I'm sure it was nothing to brag about.

by reverting the last few days' changes to /etc/network/interfaces, Debian now boots with no hangup. at some point I'm going to have to add timeouts to my script, particularly to the calls to iwlist. [comment]


blogging from the 4AM Starbucks at 565 Clay across from the Needle. got a little sleep on a bench at Pier 39 earlier, the stiff neck is already subsiding. [comment]


there was thumping reverberating through rocks on Oceanside beach. something deliberate to prevent sleeping? no, jc, take the tin hat off for a bit. just the trains.

day 5, as I remember, of my throat problem. amazingly, it hasn't gotten worse with the bad food and drink.

at 1100 or so, met Brendan at Ares and felt immediate kinship, starting with his III percent hat. got myself a late birthday present, a jigsaw puzzle of sorts.

turns out I couldn't get the $15 fare after all, Metrolink only runs rush hours. had to shell out $28 for Amtrak. got to Union Station way early, tried to sleep in the park across the street with the homeless, but sleep wouldn't come. and another sleepless night coming up unless I get really lucky and we pull into SF early enough for me to run to 5th and Mission for the last bus north. [comment]


finally found a place in Oceanside with wifi and power: The Cup on Wisconsin across the tracks. passed by it last night lost looking for Larry's but it didn't look so inviting then.

anyway now I got some decent coffee (Denny's used to be, but sadly seems no more) it's almost time to get back to Ares Armor then on to L.A. on the Metrolink, which is only $15, not over $20 as I misremembered. [comment]


got past the gauntlet and out of the Tijuana airport about 1530. when the agent profiled me, called me aside and asked for my passport, I had butterflies in my stomach. but that was all he wanted to see.

my exploration of the direct route back, along the border fence, was an unqualified success. that spot of green on the satellite image that seems to block the path is lush growth, mostly cane of some sort. there was a brook to cross (on rocks) and steps with friendly dogs on them, but no problems whatsoever. photos should appear in my Facebook timeline over the next few days.

I was waiting in line at the border crossing at 1630, and on the trolley at 1705. rather than refuse to answer the border guard's impertinent question "where are you headed?" I opted to just give the relatively uninformative "right here, San Diego."

I caught the 30 from Broadway and 1st about 1800, and got off at Torrey Pines and La Jolla Shores Road to catch the 101 to Oceanside at 1915. arrived at Oceanside 2124, all for 7 dollars, two being for the Compass card. not bad.

when riding backwards in the trolley, at each stop I feel as though I'm moving forward, i.e., against the train travel. it takes all my concentration to counter my mind's assertion that the train is inching backwards.

had a Ranger IPA at Larry's on Oceanside Blvd, which I followed with a Stella, then a Red Bull. walked/jogged the bike path for a bit, found a couch set up along it and crashed for maybe 20 minutes. eventually made it to Denny's where I'm typing this on my iPod. at 5 or so may start walking to the other end of town to Starbucks, or just to the transit center to get the bus and save some money. [comment]


forgot that my flight is today, thought it was tomorrow. had to take a taxi, something I hate so much I'll walk for hours, but had no such choice if I wanted to make my flight. cost me MXN200 plus 30 peso tip.

something in my left buttcheek kept triggering the security droid's wand but he eventually let me through without a strip search. this shit is so fucking annoying, I want the goddamned Bitcoin equivalent of travel and I fucking want it now. [comment]


my throat started off better this morning though I had another messy bowel movement. but after two beers during breakfast, and a cup of coffee, it's starting to feel yucky again.

and my iPod is discharging instead of charging, using either Linux or Windows. [comment]


attempted to roast a chicken last night, one hour in the oven at about 450 F. I used a cauliflower stalk to hold it upright. was incompletely cooked, could probably have used another half hour, but it was delicious. [comment]


starting day 3 of the throat virus, if that's indeed what it is. coughing a little. damn. [comment]


yesterday had bowel problems and increased post-nasal drip from early morning, so ate some yogurt hoping to avoid illness. but the itchiness in the throat has begun, so now my only hope is to minimize it. [comment]


made sesame-crusted fish for dinner tonight, using butter for the vegetable oil (cows eat veggies, right?) and pierna, AKA tilefish. came out pretty damned tasty.

my latest article at WikiHow is getting a lot of views. got another one in the works too. [comment]


blue line trolley to American Plaza; walk to Broadway and 1st for the 150 to the VA center (not to UTC plaza, the 101 doesn't stop there after 6PM-ish), and take the 101 to Oceanside, where the Orange County line will take me into Union Station to catch the Megabus at 5PM. might be better to find someplace to sleep near the VA rather than Oceanside, where I know the cops will hassle me. as long as I get to Oceanside by 11AM or so, I can check out Ares Armor at 208 N. Freeman and still have plenty of time to get into LA. [comment]


I really want to explore the trip from TIJ to the border crossing along those 3 miles or so of border fence, but got to remember for next time the Otay Mesa crossing might be a lot easier, and the MTS routes 905 and 950 service that crossing to the Iris Avenue trolley station till 6PM, and 7PM on weekdays. [comment]


sorry to have to be Captain Obvious, but for those Rip Van Winkles just waking up out of a 30-year slumber: it's no longer "that nation" against "our nation", if it ever was. it's the ruling class, and their appointed enforcers, known as governments, against the rest of us. we must be meek and obedient, accept our chains, and work hard to make the rich richer. we should be ever so grateful they even deign to allow us to live.

as America's last Fourth Turning coalesced for the first time with the worldwide fight for freedom, the coming war must be the oppressed against the oppressors, also on a worldwide scale. at the same time, I believe the power to make it happen can only occur on the local level, the warp and weft of tribe and clan, weaving a new fabric of society without rulers. [comment]


I imagined I saw some bubbling action today after moving the electrodes closer, about 1/2 inch apart, so instead of running the meter on volts, switched to milliamps. watched it go from zero to .24mA peak, running the drill again to drive the voltage over 100 using Lenz's Law.

but whether it's sodium and chlorine causing the action, or hydrogen and oxygen or some other atoms, is anybody's guess. it's still progress, and gives me hope that I can still use this method. [comment]


made stroganoff again tonight, first time in a long time, using the mediocre batch of homemade yogurt from the other day, and butter that I've had at room temp for about two weeks without going rancid, simply by salting it well on the outside. of course, it's too salty for things like buttering my bread, but it was great for this recipe, since I remembered not to add any extra salt.

realized the other day that the two biggest brands of bottled water down here, Ciel and Santorini, are owned by Coke and Pepsi, respectively. I'm just hoping that they each have a different set of toxins or drugs, so that if I alternate them, I don't get too much of any one pollutant at a time. [comment]


a few days ago I tried to make yogurt from ultrapasteurized whole milk, using a "seed culture" from organic yogurt I'd bought at the farmer's market about a week before. after one day in the afternoon sun it hadn't done anything so I refrigerated it overnight, then decided to put it in the oven with the heat off but the light on. two days later it had yogurtized but only partially. I scooped it out of the bowl into a canning jar and put it in the fridge, then poured the remainder of the liter of milk into the bowl. this time I left it out in the sun for two afternoons, just letting it sit outside in the covered pot in the interim. this time it finished in under 36 hours, using about 3 times as much milk. I count that as a win. [comment]


walked out to FYMSA and back, buying some more redondos, today. also noticed some 1x1/4 flat steel and angle iron, but don't know how to ask for it. [comment]

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